Here are the facts on some of the most frequently asked questions about getting started in Tap Dance Classes :

• All age groups are welcome.
• Tap dance is a good workout and a performing art.
• Come dress lightly because the studio gets hot.
• Classes last two hours with a 5 to 15 minutes break.
• There are usually 10 people per class with a set limit of 15.
• All kinds of music are used ranging from classical to hard rock.
• Each class offers one hour technique and one hour choreography.
• Information on shoes will be made available in the first class, prices range from $80-$150.
• Students must bring a regular shoe with leather sole for the first class.
• No music or dance background is needed but they help.
• KlaXson produces semi-professional shows approximately every two years to which students can participate.
• Students can receive professional training.
• The KlaXson’s studio is located downtown Montreal, on St. Catherine Street, one block west of Atwater Street (1 minute from Atwater metro station).

For more detailed information, such as schedules, locations, shows etc., call Pierre Hobson at 514-817-3877 or e-mail at klaxson@klaxson.com